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When Science and Hair Care Combine

You may have seen we are now stocking a range of Kérastase magic, but what is it and why do you need it in your life?

Well firstly, it’s magnificent, we are stocking a range of their products in our Coorparoo and King Street Salons to help you achieve your dream hair.

But it’s not just about the products you can bring home, it’s about the services we can offer in-salon.

Kerastase Hair Care at Tigerlamb Salons Coorparoo & King Street
Image credit: Kérastase Professional

Have you heard about Fusio-Dose?

If not, buckle up! We’re so excited to bring this lifechanging in-salon hair ritual to you.

It’s like something from the future.

It all starts with our diagnostic camera. We use this to deep dive into your hair and analyse both your hair and scalp at a magnitude of 600 times. With magnification on this scale, we can easily diagnose what your hair needs most and see the tiniest details in every strand.

We will then discuss your personal needs and recommend a highly concentrated in-salon treatment called Fusio-Dose that will treat both your primary and secondary concerns. This highly concentrated care formula with powerful boosters will penetrate deep into the hair fibre delivering all the goodness it requires.

Kérastase is well known for using vitamins and minerals to truly nourish and treat your hair from the inside out and this treatment system is no exception.

In total there are 20 custom-made combinations available in-salon which we will mix on the spot to help our clients improve the condition of their hair and help them reach their own personal hair goals from shine to volume.

The connection between science and beauty has never been more present.

Book an appointment online now at our Coorparoo salon and ask the tigers about this amazing new machine and treatment system.

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