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The Phoenix Project was launched by Tigerlamb in 2022 during the seemingly continuous adversity of fires, floods, pandemics, heartbreaks and hardships for regular people. The sorrow of loss seemed illuminated and close and we knew we wanted to help. 

Our desire to play a small part in the recovery of those who have suffered has led us to the Phoenix Project. In a world of charity funding often being eaten by administrative costs, here we can directly make a difference in someone's life through connection and care.   


Inspiring our Program is a beautiful Lady named Janice. At the time she was unknown to us. Living locally, we heard through the community that she had lost her family home in a devastating fire. Our hearts broke for her and we reached out to her in the weeks that followed. 

To say we cared, we offered a gesture of some hair tools and products to help her in some small steps forward to rebuilding her world. 


After some time, as Janice could start to breath more freely, she sent us a warm thank you card, in gratitude of our gift of support in her time of difficulty. Enclosed was a generous token sum of money that she requested be passed on, in the spirit of forward giving. She wished this to be for someone who would be comforted by a similar gesture of kindness that she had experienced. 


She wished for someone to be ‘treated’, ‘cared for’ and to feel the strength of support like she had received from so many. As she wrote in her card, “I’m sure it will make someone smile”


Just hearing her grateful words meant the world to us and we knew we were onto something… and so, rising from the ashes, the Phoenix Project was born.


Our intention is to continue this act of benevolence: aimed toward those who have been confronted with loss. To make a difference in people's lives by showing that they are cared for, with no agenda except for playing a small part in their recovery.  

We have already cared for those grieving the loss of family, home, income and safety. Some dealing with the struggle of health and others with trauma. 


Janice was never deeply destitute nor permanently broken, but she had faced adversity on a level that for many could mark the beginning of a downward spiral. As fate would have it, Janice was actually an experienced professional in the connection of physical and emotional pain.  Guided by her, here is where our teams have been counselled in grief, and have been mentored to care, with grace, for a guest who joins us in the salon under the Phoenix Program. Recovery and healing is varied and we acknowledge that although we aren’t experts in loss, we hope we can bring a moment of peace and even happiness to someone's life at least for that moment in time.    


We know we won't be able to help every person, but wish to accept who we can, as regularly as we can manage. Our offering is simple and we are not suggesting complicated 6 session colour corrections and full heads of extensions but more care services - maintenance colours, haircuts, blowdrys, treatments and massage. For man, woman, person or child.  


Our criteria to take a guest into a care-session is only that the affliction is genuine; and that a sense that we can help by applying a little love would be willingly received for their own benefit. 


If you are someone or know of someone who you would like to put forward as a candidate for the Phoenix Project, please nominate them below and spread the tiger love.

Nominate someone
We choose one recipient each month

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

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