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Bringing your hair into the new decade

You are looking at a Tigerlamb twist on the medium length ‘Chob’. It is by far the hottest hairstyle for 2020. Based on glorious, healthy and shiny hair, it is definitely the number one request from our clients!

We're also seeing a shift from high maintenance colour to more natural tones. The ‘Lived-In’ hair trend has continued into the year in both colour and style, whether short, bobbed or below the shoulders. Our clients are focusing on ensuring that their hair is well fed and manageable between salon visits as a priority to keep styling a breeze.

Clients are also continuing to love balayage, just as we do. From blonde to brunette, the balayage look suits most people and is loved for its natural look. It's soft, low maintenance and adds definition in all the right places. The idea is to not have a complicated-looking colour that you have spent a lot of time trying to achieve. We want your style to say that you are naturally this cool and effortless!

When styling, gently tousled waves with texture and life, is a favourite for our guests and is still very much standing the test of time.

Photo Credit: @ashleyannaca

For upstyling we are seeing an abundance of big bouncy party ponytails - with a 2020 edge of course! It's been around for decades but we know that you just can’t go wrong with the perfect pony in the right shape! It can be completely customised to a clients’ look, hair and face shape, whether that be sleeker off the face look or have a softer face frame to add some whimsy and a touch of fun. A little body in the right place and it is a super sexy style.

Regardless of why you come in, you can come in knowing that we are committed to education, understanding the spirit of hair, who is wearing it and why. We involve ourselves in photoshoots and fashion events, we never stop fashion forecasting, learning and trying new trends so that we can continue to bring the latest looks to our clients and keep each other inspired.

Hair with life is our passion, and happiness is our purpose, so this combination is a complete winner when it comes to consistently a stunning result!

Book an appointment here online and come into one of our four gorgeous salons located throughout Brisbane.

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