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Pintura Perfection

For the girls with curls – it’s your time to shine with multi-dimensional colour that sings. Welcome to Pintura perfection!

Pintura is a technique that has been developed for those that have super curly or textured hair. It works to lighten the hair whilst working with your individual curl pattern. It’s been around for quite a while but it’s making waves this Spring. Initially developed in a Devachan salon in America over 20 years ago, this technique is truly remarkable.

Similar to balayage but specifically designed for curly hair, this technique uses the client’s own look to create a bespoke style to suit. Pintura, meaning “to paint” is applied freehand so that the stylist can achieve that natural movement and is able to work with the parts of your hair that stand out. Whether that is the curls that catch the light or just the sensationally shaped ones. It’s about enhancing the texture of your hair and celebrating the beauty of happy, healthy curly hair.

You will have already seen it on the catwalks and of course on your fave social networks but you may not have understood how the look was achieved. As the love of this look grows in popularity, we imagine that we will see a shift in styling naturally curly hair. There will always be a place for professional straightening however we’re excited to see girls with curls embracing their natural texture and look.

It can be used subtly or more boldly depending on your personality and individual style creating a sun-kissed multi-dimensional colour that speaks for itself. To get the best results we would suggest combining this colouring method with the use of the Olaplex range to ensure that the health of the hair is maintained and that you get the most out of your colour between visits.

Book an appointment today at any of our four salons located throughout Brisbane and let us show you how this technique could change the way you feel about your curly or textured hair.

Our salons are located in Portside, King Street, Coorparoo and New Farm. Book online now and say hello to beautiful curls.

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