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Everyone deserves happiness, even your hair

Do you have a drawer full of brushes and combs that pull, break your hair or just don’t feel nice to use? Sadly, most of us do and for the mothers amongst us, hair brushing can be one of the most stressful and painful times of day.

At Tigerlamb, we have listened and are so proud to bring you the Happy Hair Brush™ range. This gorgeous range of brushes will change your life. Developed by a mother that needed to make the morning and afternoon brush more bearable for both mother and daughter.

But it’s not just a single brush. It’s a range of brushes to help a whole host of needs. At this stage, we stock three main brushes, the original, the sensory and the mini happy hairbrush.

The Original Happy Hair Brush™ incorporates a mix of five different hairbrushes and combs in one using a unique combination of nylon pins and boar bristles. It can be used on all hair types, wet or dry. Whether you have tight curls, matted locks or whispy strands, this brush has you covered.

The next brush we will be stocking is the Sensory Happy Hair Brush™. This is by far the most anticipated. Made from softer nylon pins and has knobs on the end that are a bit thicker and rounder to help protect the scalp. Perfect for kids or adults with sensitive scalps or sensory processing issues. Particularly kids and adults that are:

  • Highly sensory, have ADHD or special needs that find traditional brushes hurt and/or over-stimulate.

  • Kids under 4 years old and may not have had their first hair cut yet

  • People with very fine hair and a sensitive head

In fact, it’s so soft that it won’t work on thick hair. This is solely for those with thin, fine and very sensitive scalps.

The next gorgeous brush we are stocking is the Mini Happy Hair Brush™ perfect to keep in the car or your gym bag. It’s made of the same mix of five different hairbrushes and combs that our original is. It’s a great addition to the range and is big enough to use as the main brush on toddlers, short hair and our furry friends. It can also be great as a styling tool.

Ask our tigers about the Happy Hair Brushes next time you are in, we promise you will love them and your hair will be happy with your decision. You can book an appointment online now at any of our four salons located throughout Brisbane, including salons in King Street, New Farm, Coorparoo and Portside.

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