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Are you ready for the curl revolution?

GHD has been working hard to bring us the Oracle and it’s a total game-changer. Curling your hair has never been easier and we guarantee you will love this tool as much as we do.

Now, tigers it’s time to feel pretty special because Tigerlamb and Rokstar are the only salons in Queensland that will hold these beautiful tools for the next month.

It’s so special, that our tigers had training with GHD this week so that they can train you in how to get the most out of this revolutionary tool.

As a bonus, when you come in to grab your very own Oracle, you will receive a free demo and consultation in salon, which you will need to book ahead of time. This will allow you to get the most out of this curler. Each salon will only have a few available. So, don’t hesitate, book an appointment and let us show you the Oracle in all its glory.

So, what sets it apart?

The GHD Oracle curler offers endless curls with the simple flick-of-the-wrist and provides unique GHD textures all within the one tool. Its unique U shape design uses patented breakthrough curl-zone technology to create a range of curls depending on how you tilt, hold or twist the tool so that you can create the perfect curl for your own taste.

The design was consulted on with Adam Reed, GHD’s Global Ambassador and stylist and his main goal was to design the heated plates to ensure they created the ideal curl which he has obviously perfected.

It has the styling power of heat and the setting effect of cooling in one easy motion to create long-lasting beautiful curls without damaging your hair.

It is a premium product that you won’t know how you lived without and it will be priced accordingly at a $340 RRP in line with the Platinum + range.

Available to purchase now at Tigerlamb. Call to book an appointment this Saturday and receive your free tutorial with a trained tiger.

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