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Are you looking to increase the strand strength and vitality of your hair?

We’ve got something new for you to try tigers, we all know that sometimes your hair needs love from the inside out, which is why we now stock the Apotecari range to complement your everyday hair care routine.

Apotecari is a miracle vitamin that helps repair your hair with the assistance of a whole host of herbs, amino acids, vitamins and minerals.

The magnificent range was created by Simone Abaron after she took her hair to a place of no return. After years of changing styles and Japanese hair straightening Simone was staring in the mirror with damaged hair, she could no longer be proud of.

But as a fully qualified Naturopath and with a Bachelor of Health Science and an Advanced Diploma in Herbal Medicine and Nutrition behind her, Simone was in a unique position to work on a remedy for a problem that all too many of us face at some point in our lives.

She researched for years before carefully formulating the Apotecari range. A range that is specifically formulated to help you reach optimum hair health.

At Tigerlamb, we love these products and can’t speak highly enough of them.

One of our favourites is Mane Event. This tablet was created to support healthy hair growth and condition from the root. It is best for those of you trying to grow long healthy locks whilst maintaining the strength and condition of your hair. It’s also great for those people that heat style, bleach and use hair relaxers.

Mane Event works on the structural components of the hair and contains a whole host of antioxidants that reduce potential damage caused by free radicles. One of the major contributors to hair follicle damage.

The other two products in the range are Colour Lover and Crowning Glory and we love these too.

Colour Lover supports the production of melanin in the hair with the added help of Rehmannia Glutinosa Extract. Rehmannia is used in traditional Chinese medicine to slow premature greying. This product also provides the nutrients required to support natural hair pigmentation.

Crowning Glory is all about scalp health. It helps nourish your scalp from within and is great for people that have irritation of the scalp such as dandruff and itchiness.

So, our suggestion to you tigers is to pop in and visit the us in our King Street salon and talk to the tigers about your hair’s nutritional needs and take home a bottle of Apotecari today and start tomorrow fresh with the promise of healthy, happy tiger tresses.

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