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Accessorise with Hair Accessories

The biggest trend in hair right now has to be hair accessories. Pearls, clips, scrunchies and headbands are the go-to for many of you. It’s hard to say when exactly hair accessories made a comeback but scrunchies were definitely a defining factor in their re-emergence.

Image: @GHD_ANZ

We haven’t seen a lot of headbands as yet, here in Australia, but they are coming! Prada’s use of the of the iconic padded headband in their 2019 runway show is making sure of it and is currently making waves in the fashion world.

At Tigerlamb, we stock a range of beautiful accessories that will add a gorgeous feminine touch to any style. But how do you ensure your look is on trend and not schoolgirl.

It’s all about placement, have you heard about hair clip styling? Keep an eye on our social media feeds to see how we use accessories in styling. Or, ask the tigers to help you out next time you are in. They will help you create the best look for your hairstyle, face shape and style.

But, if you are just looking for some quick tips. Here’s what we would suggest when creating a trendy, beautiful style with your hair accessories.

We find that freshly washed hair works best. All you need to do is pump up the volume, add some texture and curls for definition and place the clips of your choice in your hair, we love a barrette behind the ear and we also adore adding some accessories to your upstyle or pony. If you are looking for a sleeker look though, a simple clip placed in the front of your hair can really glamorise and modernise your look.

Pop into any of our four salons this week and chat to us about what would work best for you. Our salons are conveniently located throughout Brisbane in New Farm (Merthyr Village), Coorparoo (Coorparoo Square), Bowen Hills (King Street) and Hamilton (Portside Wharf) meaning there’s a salon close to you. Call now to book or use our online booking system via the menu above xx

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