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A glass of Vino

You are sitting on the verandah after a hard day at work, thinking about cracking open a bottle of red, which will you choose?

Now, we all have a favourite wine, but have you ever stopped to think about the unique colour contained in every single bottle. Welcome to the newest hair trend of 2019, mulled wine hair.

It’s warm, it’s gorgeous and totally adaptable to your skin tone, from deep red to blood orange and all the shades in between. It is a trend that is equally youthful and super flattering.

The options are endless, we can create a colour for you with violet, blue or copper undertones that will blend beautifully with a brunette balayage or focus on more of a rosé tone for those of you with blonder hair. It is a style that is easy to maintain and completely unique to you.

For those of you with fairer skin, we find that brighter is often better and will bring out your best features and for the ladies with more olive tones, we find that the deeper darker shades work best.

Whilst creating this look for you, we will look at your current colour. If your hair is already dark, we may need to partly pre-lighten it to create the depth required for this look.

Once complete, you will need to ensure that you keep your hair healthy and glossy in order to get the most from this style.

When styling we recommend that you tousle your hair, create soft messy curls or even a braid. Any style that will bring out the range of colours within your hair works best.

You see, when red wine hair is out in the light it showcases the range of hues within your style and makes it uniquely yours.

Next time you come in, ask us what would work best for your skin tone, we would be more than happy to create a custom red wine to suit your palette. The best way to figure it out is to swirl through some images, maybe over a glass of vino and let us know if you are more of a shiraz or a merlot tiger.

Our salons are located in numerous locations throughout Brisbane including salons in New Farm (Merthyr Village), Hamilton (Portside Wharf), Bowen Hills (King Street) and Coorparoo (Coorparoo Square). Call now to book in your wine tasting or book online.

P.S. We have real wine in our salons, so you can wine and wine from the comfort of the Tigerlamb home. x

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