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TigerCON 2023 - what an event!!!

TigerCON 2023: A Day of Inspiration, education and #teamlove at Tigerlamb

At Tigerlamb, we believe in continuous growth and nurturing the talents of our amazing team. That's why we recently hosted our highly anticipated annual conference, TigerCON 2023.

This all-day event brought together our passionate and talented team of over 40 stylists at our stunning King Street salon for a day filled with learning, entertainment, and team love baby! The atmosphere was buzzing with excitement and anticipation as everyone prepared for a day packed with inspiration and growth. The vibrant energy in the air was a testament to the dedication and enthusiasm of our team.

TigerCON 2023 offered a diverse range of activities to engage and empower our team. From captivating keynote speakers to interactive workshops, every aspect of the event was carefully designed to enhance skills, foster personal growth, ignite creativity and celebrate our team of beautiful humans.

We were honored to have incredible speakers from all over the country join us at TigerCON 2023. These industry experts shared their knowledge, insights, and experiences, providing our stylists with valuable lessons and fresh perspectives.

We firmly believe that nurturing the mind is just as important as honing technical skills. TigerCON 2023 embraced this philosophy by incorporating fun and mindset sizzle into the event with empowering sessions that encouraged self-belief and personal development.

We even had an interactive social media workshop to help our stylists navigate the ever-changing landscape of Instagram and to master the power of reels. They learned valuable strategies to showcase their work, connect with clients, and build a strong online presence.

To our remarkable leader and Tiger Queen, Helen, thank you for orchestrating yet another incredible event. Helen's passion, vision, and unwavering support have been instrumental in creating an environment where our team can thrive. Her dedication to nurturing talent and fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie is truly remarkable. We love you, Helen!


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