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Tigerlamb on the main stage at the 2019 Brisbane Hair Expo

We were so proud to present a 20 minute hair spectacular on the main stage at this years Brisbane Hair Expo. The tigers created totally unique, cutting edge styles bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase, artistic flair.

Featuring wigs that revealed another style beneath it, men with braids, vibrant colours and ‘lived in’ blondes the performance was made even more sensational as the hairstyles were created and paraded with a mix of deep house beats, underground style video footage and a sensational operatic performance in the background.

It was Avant Garde at its finest and proved just how strong our tiger tribe is. Lead by our Tiger Kate and presented by Adam of 5th Avenue and our very own Queen Tiger, Helen Owens. The AMBUSH took the breath away of everyone that saw it and was aptly named after a group of tigers which is in fact called an Ambush.

The original concept was created by our Artistic Team Director Tiger Kate with input from the entire team to pay homage to the new style of hair salons whereby innovation reigns supreme. It was also a way of saying goodbye to the old way of hairdressing and saying hello to a new era of balance in salon life. Whereby time off to recharge, even on some weekends is not only acceptable it’s encouraged. The mix of music highlighted this important shift in the culture and showed how Tigerlamb is leading the charge.

The entire show was coordinated down to the second as our stylists only had six minutes to create the groundbreaking styles. It featured guys with braids highlighting the tribal culture within Tigerlamb and the unique camaraderie that we hold as a salon. It showed what we are best known for our ‘Lived In’ blondes and our ‘Vibrant Reds’ that our creative colourists absolutely adore bringing to Brisbane and of course the unique and totally jaw dropping wigs that revealed another style beneath.

We’re already making plans for our next big show and can’t wait to push the envelope even further and bring you more new and exciting looks. Book an appointment today at any of our four award winning salons located throughout Brisbane. We have hair salons in New Farm (Merthyr Village), Coorparoo (Coorparoo Square), Bowen Hills (King Street) and Hamilton (Portside Wharf) there’s a salon perfect for you. Call to book or use our online booking system and join our Tiger tribe!

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