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Crowning glory for Tigerlamb

Being crowned Miss Universe would have to be one of the most thrilling experiences imaginable and our Tiger Tash got to be part of this massive day for the most beautiful women in Australia.

The crowning took place on 27 June 2019 and our Tash had a front row seat. Priya Serrao, an Indian-born lady was crowned the winner as hundreds of people watched live at the Sofitel Hotel in Melbourne. A real win for diversity.

But the fun was backstage for our Tiger. Working as part of the GHD Style Squad and alongside over 10 other stylists from across Australia Tash helped prepare these ladies for their moment in the sun.

Gaining entry to the GHD Style Squad is an achievement in itself, with over 2500 stylists vying for a position, our Tash was one of only 30 who made the team. We are so proud of her and so thrilled that due to her commitment to styling that she got to be part of this extraordinary event.

Working alongside the industry great Caterina Dibiasi as the art director. Tash and the squad were tasked with getting the ladies ready to go on stage for that final moment of glory. Caterina has been integral in the entire Miss Universe pageant and has been working with the girls throughout the entire process.

Big bouncy Victoria’s Secret style curls were the main order, with a few requesting straight hair and sleek ponytails. Working with GHD equipment and styling products, Tash was in her element and loved every moment.

Check out the pictures of some of the contestants Tash had the pleasure of working with. Beautiful girls both inside and out.

Miss Universe 2019 is the 68th edition of the pageant and Catriona Gray of the Philippines is set to crown her successor in South Korea later in the year. We wish our Miss Universe Australia the best of luck and can’t wait to see how it all unfolds and of course swoon over the hairstyles xx


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