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Your health and wellbeing in salon

At Tigerlamb, your health and safety is so important to us which is why we are taking another step towards ensuring that your time at Tigerlamb is not compromised due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the interests of your health and the health of our tigers, along with the other measures that we have already implemented, we have now taken an extra step to ensure your wellbeing by undertaking extra training in COVID-19 infection control.

This government approved training module has been designed for health care workers. It covers the fundamentals of identifying the signs and symptoms of COVID-19 and how best to keep safe and protect yourself and those that you love in this time of crisis.

We are dedicated to ensuring that you feel at ease about our processes in salon and keeping the lines of communication open with you all. We want you to continue to come in and enjoy the Tigerlamb experience and leave our salon healthy, revived and feeling ready to take on the world. We will not be shutting our doors and will continue to provide the best in the hair biz until such a time it is no longer possible.

Sending love and health to you all. Stay safe tigers.


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