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We know you need us and we need and miss you too. We will be reopening our doors and keeping them open for your health and wellbeing from 27 April. Say goodbye to regrowth and say hello to the new way of life. We will once again be providing you with beautiful, healthy hair but with a few changes to ensure your health and safety is maintained.

A few things have not changed though and have probably become more intense, our love of hair, our team tiger spirit and our passion for providing excellent customer service.

The government social distancing measures have not changed in a few weeks and we now know that it is safe for us to open the doors to you all with a whole host of fundamental changes to ensure we are all safe.

- We will be working in line with the strict Covid-19 Health and Safety Guidelines

- Each of member of our team has completed our government ‘Infectious Control Training’

- We are under the direction of expert sanitizing, and cleaning company- Owens Management Services.

The government has made it clear that it considers the Hairdressing industry a ‘care’ industry and we also fall under assistance for mental health and have full endorsement to continue operating when all codes of conduct are being covered.

We have been requested to continue trading and with World Health Organization practices in place and we now know we can do so safely have been urged to continue our work.

Here’s the fundamentals on what we will be doing to keep you safe

· Our doors are open during your entire visit

· Our stylists are working staggered shifts to allow more room for social distancing.

· We practice regular and thorough handwashing.

· We encourage no cash payments.

· Clients are offered hand sanitiser on arrival and departure.

· There will be no hugging or shaking hands to minimise unnecessary physical contact.

· Hand sanitiser dispensers are available for guests and team members at all times.

· Plenty of hand wash, disposable paper towels, tissues, and anti-bacterial wipes are around the salon

· Our bins are close lidded

· We display signage about coughing and sneezing etiquette to continue awareness

· We request that all employees and clients notify us if they are suffering or have suffered from some or all of the symptoms of COVID–19. This will be aided by the text sent to our client before their visit asking the necessary questions

· We disinfect every work area before a client is seated and after the client has left the basin and the station

· Disinfectant is sprayed around the client touchpoints before and after contact.

· Hands will cleaned and sanitised before touching the hair, during and after.

· Our basin towels are single use and most of our capes are disposable. In the event we cannot use a disposable cape it will be washed after every client

· We use disposable cups

· We won’t present magazines or unwrapped food

· We encourage you to BYO beverage

· There is full spacing between chairs and observing 4sqm rule.

· We implement ‘Through mirror’ consultations, minimising face to face contact unless at 1.5 meters.

· We encourage you to bring your laptops for work or to binge Netflix and remember to bring your own headphones and chargers.

· Each team member personally vows to continue to observe the precautions instructed outside of work.

· We reserve the right to ask unwell clients to leave if they are displaying symptoms and as much as we love company we ask at this time to not bring in any extra bodies with you including close friends, relatives and children.

Looking forward to seeing you all tigers minus the hugs but with all of the tiger love x


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