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It's not goodbye, it's see you soon.

Tigerlamb is now officially closed for hairdressing services. As individuals and as a business, we are passionate about playing our part in the community, knowing this is the right thing to do at this crucial time as the Covid-19 pandemic continues to escalate. The big picture at Tigerlamb is important and this decision has been made without moral hesitation.

We now know it is impossible for us to play our part in flattening the curve while we are pretending it’s ok to be bringing people physically close together, despite our best attempts to stand over a metre away from you at all times!

We know that you need us right now because even though hair might just be hair, it’s incredibly important to our well-being, mind and spirit. In saying that, our love for you, our team and our families' health supersedes our love for hair and our salons at this point. You have been instructed by the government not to visit us... or each other... and we hope for now you join us in respecting this as part of the process.

Thank you for all your kind messages of thanks and support and we know many of you are poised already waiting for our return. We promise that will happen as soon as we have the knowledge that opening is in the best interests of our suburb, city, country... and world.

Please feel free to contact us as we will be available for you to chat or answer any questions as you need. We are dedicated to you and look forward to small miracles of beauty on the other side.


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