Tigerlamb Communications Guarantee


Our purpose is to do beautiful hair and make you feel the best we can. We really really want to know if we have ! So, this is a list of all our contact avenues to make it super easy for you to let us know how we are going.

A text to your stylist, phone call, or a confidential email to myself are all highly encouraged so we can hear your feedback.

We guarantee our work and  love to keep in touch with our special guests. Anything you are not entirely satisfied with we will endeavour to make perfect and words of joy and great stories we will celebrate.


Call us

NEW FARM:  3358 4006
KING STREET:  3257 0770
PORTSIDE: 3268 1149


Text us

NEW FARM:  0429 472 756
KING STREET:  0439 413 685
PORTSIDE: 0418 898 353


Email us

Tigerlamb New Farm
Tigerlamb King Street
Tigerlamb Portside


Private Message us Facebook

Tigerlamb Facebook


Talk to the top tiger

Our owner Helen Owens is keen to hear from you and available  for feedback on her personal email

Email Helen