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If Chris Hemsworth was a hair product, he’d be Olaplex.  Gorgeous. Strong. Life changingly beautiful.  Ok, before the gushfest continues – we’ll explain exactly what Olaplex is and why you are going to fall head in heals in love with this worldwide cult product.

Have you ever wished that you could go blonde but been told ‘no it’d be too unhealthy for your hair’? 

Have you trashed your hair with years of constant heat styling or chemical straightens/curling/bleaching/perming and all the other wonderful things we force our locks to live through? 

Well Olaplex is the product that could change your whole world.



Olaplex has been exciting hair experts across the globe for some time, but in 2014 it really started to draw a following from consumers after Kim Kardashian, through the amazing powers of Olaplex, trotted out with the ultimate gorgeous platinum blonde do – going overnight from dark to light light light.  In a few hours there were thousands of photos flooding the internet of the reality stars amazing new platinum look (cheers instagram) and suddenly Olaplex was on everyone’s lips!


kim dark kim olaplex


Now we aren’t saying everyone should spend years putting dark colour into their hair and go platinum overnight (yikes) but the doors that Olaplex does open really are AMAZING.

Here’s some other before and afters from the Olaplex page:




Who’s excited?  We now have Olaplex in the salon and you can add it into your treatment!  Just ask your gorgeous Tiger-Stylist if it’s right for you and they’ll run you through costings etc beforehand.

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